Every moment

Let your videos live on through Action Art's gifts and wall art.

As a lover of adventure, filming and sharing great times with friends & family, The Action Art Team found that their videos where short lived and often not shared with loved ones.
In 2014 we had the goal to build a simple place for video memories to live on past social sites, our devices or cluttered desktops.

2016 - Single Frame Art

the team started with an application to capture a single frame from videos then moved to editable collages. Tim and the Action Art Team quickly reliased video is expressed in thousands of moments and developed simple ways for all home and professional videographers, to bring their videos into their lives to relive and share, through printed art.

2017 - Flipbooks

The Action Art Flipbook was brought to life, with single frames in a small book but together can bring a video to life for an ultimate sharing experience for all ages.

2018 - Prints

A revolutionary way to capture frames from a video without waiting hours for a video to upload.
A process that transforms beautiful cinematography into a unique piece of art for wedding couples to share and enjoy.

Action Art

"Inspired by motion"