Every Moment

A love of adventure sparked a simple idea

In 2017, our family, Tim, Barbara and one year old Ellie, set off on an incredible adventure around North America in a motorhome.

Before we welcomed Ellie into the world, we had both visited the US, but we were excited to head back and experience it in an entirely different way and make new memories as a family.

As we crisscrossed North America, we ended up taking thousands of photos and seemingly endless hours of video footage. Past experience had taught us that video footage tended to get lost, or put into the draw after one viewing, never to be enjoyed again.

And so it was, at the end of an amazing day in Yosemite National Park, inspired by the stunning footage we’d shot…

Action Art was born

Over a quality drop of red we’d picked up in the Napa Valley, we came up with a simple way to enjoy our video memories every single day...by turning them into an elegant piece of art.

More than a single photographic moment, we could now relive all the favourite parts of our trip every time we looked at the special artwork on our wall.

Weddings, engagements, birthdays, anything...

We started gifting Action Art to friends, using their wedding, engagement, birthday videos and more, and their smiles and pleasure from such an unexpected keepsake made us realise other people might enjoy Action Art in their home too.

Unique, personal and stylish.

Turn your most important memories into Action Art.

be inspired by motion